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2007 22.12.2007
Karup Truckshow
With kim Jepsen lets discover the biggest truckshow from DK!
Scania T580

Karup 2007

Alaska highway
Jan Steijns and his Peterbilt 379 take us for a ride from Texas to Alaska

Alaska 2007
Hamburg 2007
Marco Reck is very much interested by the trucks coming from very far away. Here is a selection of Iranian, Azarbaijan, Georgian trucks waiting for load in Germany.

Hamburg 2007
Peterborough 2007
The N°1 British truckshow. Xavier Stefaniak show a large selection of the best truck in UK
Peterborough 2007
Friderici Road convoy to Kazakhstan
In december 2006, 3 trucks from Friderici made 12'000Km to deliver there cargo in Astana, fighting against the winter to be right on time!
Nordic Trophy
OZ Road Scene!
In 2004 Xavier Stéfaniak went across the Northern Territory Australia. Here is a great selection of his pictures
Nordic Trophy

Globetrucker drivers, did it again! 10'000Km from Switzerland to Mongolia with an International Truck from SGT Quebec!

Nordic Trophy

Giampiero Mura give us the chance to discover this amazing show!
Plenty of Scania R620 Volvo FH16 DAF XF and great old truck like the Scania 141 or Scania 76 from Evensen
Nordic Trophy
12th Richard Crane Memorial
St Ignace Michigan USA

Frans Beks from Eindhoven (NL) as meade a brillant coverage of this typical US Truckshow! Well Done Frans :-)
Truck spotting
Truck spotting in Holland part 3
Once again Remon and freinds have find out great trucks on the Dutch highways!
Truck spotting
Run to Sweden & Nordic Trophy 2007
Micheal Faste and his freinds went to Sweden with there vintage trucks - Volvo CH230 Volvo F12 Scania 141
Micheal Faste
Jacobs Europa Transport
Since 1985 Frank and his DAF are transporting cargo all over Europe. Here a fine selection of Frank's pictures and comments! Thanks Frank to share it with us!
Jacobs Europa Transport
G-Unit an amazing Peterbilt
Thanks to Andrew from ETC for all the great pictures of this Top of The Art Show Truck !
France - Iran 1967
Europe to Asia Road Transports
The best models of trucks from the 70's to 90's
France - Iran 1967
France - Iran 1967
Les pionniers francais de la "ligne" Un reportage d'Hervé Huet
France - Iran 1967
"Nog Harder" Lopik - Holland
150 Top of the Art
Working Show Truck!
Nog Harder Truck Show
"Spiderman" by Wagner Cargo
The last & most exciting showtruck. An amazing Volvo FH16
Truck Show
TruckRace & Show
Nogaro 2007

par Marc Bordier
Truck Show
Heathersgate Vintage
Truck Show 2007

The finest British vintage trucks
Truck Show
Sudan - The big waste !
Soudan le grand gâchis!
Sudan the big waste
Sponsors 03.07.2007
Trucker Festival 2007
Interlaken Switzerland

1546 Trucks + 6000 Bikes + 50'000 Visitors = The best truckshow in central Europe !!!
Come to see us next year
Trucker Festival
Convois pour la Perse & les Emirats
Roland takes us across Persia and Emirats for the second part of his chauffeur history .
Vintage Truckshow
Sandy Snowie take us for a tour of one the most interessant show in UK! 
TransTop 16.06.2007
Seidensticker International
Road Transports
With Ralf across Europe and beyond!
Truckfest South East Detling 2006
Here is another great selection of photos made by Ron
Volvo FH16 - Scania Serie R - DAF XF - Perterbil - Kenworth - Scammels - Iveco - Ford Transcontinental
From Texas to Yukon and Alaska
With Jan Steijns and its brand new Peterbilt 379 2007, take the journey the most remote states of North America
Steijns Peterbilt in Alaska
Friderici Special S.A. 15.05.2007
Misano 2005 Il weekend del Camionista
Racetruck and babe by Giampiero Mura
Scania  - Volovo - Freightliner - Iveco - Fiat - ...
Misano 2005
SAVE THE TAHIR 1977-2007
One of the most mythic place on the Middle-East re-discovered 30 years later!
Save the Tahir
Remon Mulder Photos's Part 2
A fine selection of the best truck runing on the Dutch Highway and beyon! Thanks Remon for those great catch! Volvo FH16 - Scania Serie R500 R580 T164 141 - DAF XF - Renault Magnum - Hovo Trans -
Remon Mulder Scania and Volvo
Festival of Trucks - UK 2006
Here is another great selection of photos made by Ron
Volvo FH16 - Scania Serie R - DAF XF - Perterbil - Kenworth - Scammels - Iveco - Ford Transcontinental
Festival of Trucks
Amsterdam, Hollande => Karachi Pakistan en 1978
2 chauffeurs Suisse de Louis Transports Nyon partent pour un voyage de 3 mois avec leurs Volvo F88 et F89
Holland to Pakistan
2007 Trucker Festival Central Europe
Be with us from the 29th of June to the 1st of Jily in Interlaken Switzerland for the biggest truck festival  of Central Europe
Trucker Festival 2007
IAA Hanover 2004 - 2006
Virtual visite of the biggest truck in Europe - Volvo VT880 - Scania Longline - Actros Black Edition - FH16 660 - Trakker 8x8 - BMC - Radiance - Fiat Truckster
IAA Hanover 2004 - 2006
Trucks from the World Highway
by Claude Barutel
Take a journey around the globe !!!
Volvo VN12 - Chevrolet - Scania 143 - Volvo FH12...
World highway
by Johan Rekels
Sisu trucks - Volvo N84 - Scania 110 - ...
Good catch from Johan! Thank you
Sisu Trucks
Bagdhad trucker 10.03.2007
Classic Truck Gaydon 2006
by Ron Johnson
Gaydon classic truck
1- the Early Days of C. Huybregts Transport
From the 40's to 70's - Mack - DAF 2000 - DAF 2600 - Volvo F88 F86 - Magirus Deutz - FTF - ...
Huybregts 1
Big In japan
The amazing truck tuning call DeKoToRa
Big In Japan
Translait 09.02.2007
Remon Mulder Photos's part 1

Scania Serie R R500 - Volvo FH16 - HovoTrans - Henk Wind - ...
 Best Scania from Nederlands !
Ronald van der Meer 2006
Pegaso 2080 - Volvo F88 - Scania 141 - DAF 2800 - Mack F700 - ... on the way to Asia
Ronald 2006
Trienus F88 Volvo's
a 1976 very well restored mythic truck
Treinus Volvo F88
Les Cars Bertrand
par Marc Bordier
Les Cars Bertrand
Czech & Slovak Trucks by Juraj
Discover the Tatra, Liaz, Skoda...
The name of the models are on the right bottom corner
Czech and Slovak Trucks
Trucking Dutch Style
by Clive Davis from Somerset
Scania 164 / SerieR - Volvo FH12 Fh16 -  Actros - MAN TGA - DAF - ...
Trucking Dutch Style
Tequila Sunrise" Kenworth W900
Dub Truck made by ETC for Lanita Transport MC
Kenworth W900
Convoy to hell
Convoy to hell

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