21.12.2004 Markus Schär " Scania Maniak" take us for run to Middle-East.

Markus Schär nous conduit pour un voyage au Moyen-Orient

04.12.2004 Globetrucker cross whole Mongolia

Globetrucker traverse la Mongolie d'Ouest en Est

14.11.2004 Tons of Chrome under the sun of California

See the best BigRig flying on the Californian freeway

08.11.2004 Canepa Design Santa-Cruz, California
Visit in exclusivity this worldwide truck designer and discover the 2005 Kenworth layout !!!

12.08.2004 11th Trucker-Festival Interlaken Switzerland

1500 trucks lined up with Swiss Made precision

11.08.2004 For Sale / A vendre Kenworth K100 Aerodyne

Wunderful Ken from Christophe

26.07.2004 Toprun DVD Collection

Finally the full list of available DVDs, liste des DVD disponibles

26.07.2004 Beppe & Pasquale NEW Books

New book about old truck and Middle-East Run History

25.07.2004 Translait Meeting 2004

Les chromes et les inox sont de sortie! attention les yeux!!!

21.07.2004 Globetrucker Europe -Japan 2004! First Ever Road Transport From Switzerland to Vladivostok Russia near North Korean border, 27'000km of amazing adventures

17.07.2004 Italia - Medio-Oriente New photo from Beppe & Pasquale about longhaul run from Europe to Middle East, 1970 - 2003

15.07.2004 Carole - USA - Inde - Asia - Europe... Made by Carole Pither, reporter working for France-Routes magazine

15.07.2004 Bolivia - Ecuador - Peru - Brazil Tilman take us for an amazing trip across the Andes!

01.07.2004 DVD Documentary about Middle-East Run, documentaires sur le transports Europe -Moyen-Orient

01.07.2004 Books - Livres - Libri - etc Books about truck and middle-east run! livres sur les transports Europe - Moyen-Orient....

01.07.2004 Truck Under See!!! Camions sous la mer!!! Zenobia, was a ferry with 120 trucks on board. Sunk on his way to Syria

01.07.2004 Switzerland / Suisse / Svizerra What you can see on the Swiss highways (lots of Kenworth!)

01.07.2004 Adventures across South-Amercia Adventure across South AmericaMexico, Peru, ...

01.07.2004 Truck from California California, the trucker paradise?

01.07.2004 Truck from Florida Highway trucks crusing in Florida

01.07.2004 Truck convoy Truck convoy form Kenya to South Sudan, Uganda, Somalia 

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