Here are some recent pictures from North Sudan and some from South Sudan. Ed Turvey , from RC Truxfords Exports, took those pictures in 2006.

Sudan, the big waste!

The transport market collapsed there last year after the government allowed free import of used trucks. Overcapacity caused a fall in rates and the UN moved aid cargo to Mombassa after disputes with the Sudanese government.
In South Sudan the roads are starting to be developed, but the new South Sudan ministers are already stealing funds that where put in place, most of them have new apartments in Khartoum or Dubai...

The road transport market is strong at the moment with Kenyan and Ugandan trucks doing the work. The large majority of trucks sold in Kenya are Actros and Renault.
The WFP (World Food Program) has dropped 3-4 flights a week to Rumbeck because it can now use trucks for delivery.

In the North it’s a bit of a crisis with too many Sudanese and Arab investors in 2005 bringing 3000-4000 trucks into the market and the government not taking control ie; Operator Licensing.
The rate for Port Sudan to Khartoum was in early 2005 for one way 2500 usd , there was a 3- 4 week wait to shift cargo from the port , there were only 230 actual transport companies in the biggest country in Africa. There is now 2500 transporters not including private small trucks.

The rate has fallen to 1300usd if your lucky to get cargo. The banks are calling in all the loans and the Directors are facing Jail or escape to Europe!!!
A new road has been under construction from Port Sudan to Egypt this will be finish in August, they say, when its open there will be some relief for transporters who will get new international transit loads to and from Egypt .There is a ferry service from Aquaba Jordan to Hurgarda Egypt, so some overlands may become possible.

Here is a link to a very detailed map!

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