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Here are a selection of documentary about the Middle-East Run, the history about road transport between Europe and Asia.
Voici une sélection de documents sur l'histoire des transports routiers entre l'Europe et le Moyen-Orient.

Documentaries - Documentaires Middle-East Run - International Transports

120 - On The Silk Road
1977 with Ger van Rens

Language : No, only music Duration: 40min Rating 9/10

120 - On The Silk Road
With Ger and his Mercedes we drive from Holland to Karachi in Pakistan, leaving Europe in the middle of the winter and crossing all Turkey with snow storms and very cold temperatures of -25° up to -35° Celcius and more.
The climb of the Tahir pass is a real adventure as the road condition is sometimes are terrific but also terrible.
Ger crossed all Iran and Afghanistan, and did entering Pakistan by the Chaman border.
He did drive over through the dangerous Khojak Pass and Bolan Pass to Karachi and left Pakistan in the Northwest by the great but dangerous Khyber pass into Afghanistan .
In the West of Pakistan he got stocked in the middle of a river because the bridge was too narrow for big trucks and with an angle of 90° not possible to enter.

The trucks featured are Mercedes, DAF 3200, Volvo F89, Bussing, Bedford, Berliet, ...


119 - Road to Iran 1975
with Ernesto Martini

Language : No, only music Duration: 30min Rating 8/10


119 - Road to Iran 1975
Very interessant Super8 movie made by Ernesto during few trips to Tehran in 1975, you willreconize place like Kapicile, the Kizildag, Tahir pass. Alos very rare footage of the endless queue of trucks in Bazargan.

The trucks featured are Scania 111, Fiat 190, OM, Volvo F88., ...


118 - Nach Orient !

Language : German Duration: 56min Rating 10/10
Scania 140

118 - Nach Orient !

On board with Franz we go to Saudi Arabia with his Scania 140 delivring for the AK Agency Munich



NEW ! 117 - La Route
Le duel des routiers

Language : No, only music Duration: 30min Rating 8/10
Berliet Chapuis

117 - La Route Le duel des routiers

Sur la route d'un Paris Teheran en 1978 avec 3 routiers français, magnifique reportage qui montre les difficultés vécués sur cette ligne mythique... Les dangers de la route, l'harcelement des polices locales, l'éloignement de la famille, ...



116 - Holland to Pakistan
Rynart Trucks and his Mack FL700 and Fiat 190

Language : No Duration: 50min Rating 10/10
DVD Henk

116 - Holland to Pakistan
Superbe documentarie made by Henk on is way from Holland to Pakistan with his Mack FL700.
In 1974, Henk, was doing his first trip to Italy with his Fiat 190, then he went to Iran and finaly to Karachi in Pakistan, an amazing 3 month journey all recorded with his Super8 movie camera and digitaly converted with professional equipement.

Superbe documentarie gemaakt door Henk is op weg van Nederland naar Pakistan met zijn Mack FL700.
In 1974, Henk, deed zijn eerste reis naar Italië met zijn Fiat 190, daarna ging hij naar Iran en uiteindelijk
naar Karachi in Pakistan, een geweldige 3 maanden op reis gaat alle opgenomen met zijn Super8 filmcamera en
digitaal geconverteerd met professionele apparatuur.


115 - Turen sydpa 1977
From Danmark to Arabia

Language : No Duration: 30min Rating 08/10

115 - Turen sydpa 1977 From Danmark to Arabia
With Christian Nissen and his Volvo F88 we go across all Europe, then trough Turkey to reach the golf countries.
This DVD is made from Super8 film of Christian and converted in digital format by Sten Knudsen. You can order this DVD from (truck @ toprun .ch) for 20.- Euros including shipping or directly from Sten (stenk @ mail. dk )

Sten Knudsen - Jasminvej 5 - 7900 Nykøbing Mors DK


114 - Le Baroudeur sur les routes d'Arabie et Pakistan

Language : No Duration: 60min Rating 08/10
Kenworth K100 Friderici

114 - Le Baroudeur
Le Baroudeur, with his Kenworth K100 from Friderici transports did dozen of trip to Middle-East from 1975 to 1985. This DVD is made with Super8 made by the driver on his trip to Iran, Irak and Pakistan.

Le Baroudeur avec son Kenworth K100 des transports Friderici a effectué des dizaine de voyage sur l'Arabie et même le Pakistan. Ce DVD est une compilation des film que le chauffeur à réalisé en Super8.

113 - Iochum Transports
Irak Iran Arabie & Niger 1978 - 1982
Language : No Duration: 25min Rating 10/10

113 - Iochum Transports
Iochum transports was one of the most active french transports company on the Middle-East Run. This very interessant DVD show Super8 movie made by the drivers. There is also a very rare footage with a Volvo F12 going from Algeria to Niger all across the Sahara !!!

Iochum transports était très actif sur la ligne Europe - Moyen-Orient.
Ce DVD contient des films Super8 réalisé par les chauffeurs sur la route en direction de l'Iran, l'Irak, l'Arabie et surtout un document très rare un transports avec un Volvo F12 à destination du Niger!

112 - Van Sweit
Amsterdam - Arabia
Language : No Duration: 35min Rating 10/10 TOP!!!

112 - Van Sweit Amsterdam - Arabia 1978
Van Sweiten convoy from Amsterdam to Arabia in 1978
DVD made from Super8 movie done by the drivers

111 - Juggernaut in Turkey 1975 Language : Dutch Duration: 35min Rating 10/10 TOP!!!

111 - Juggernaut in Turkey 1975
Very nice doc! A TV crew follow European truckers will they cross Turkey to reach Iran in 1975l... A lot of good shots of well known transports company like Rynart, Friderci, Stouff, Wagner, Blomme, Lao, Vos, Dupercyn, Kluitmans,

You can see trucks like: Volvo F88-89, Scania 110-140, Magirus, Fiat 190, Berliet, MAN, Mack, ...

110 - Von grenz zu grenze Language : German Duration: 35min Rating 8/10

110 - Von grenz zu grenze
Follow 3 Volvo F12 Globetrotter of Wien Transdanubia Transports going from Antwerpen to Istanbul.

109 - "La Ligne" 1984 Language : Français Duration: 15min Rating 7/10

109 - "La Ligne" 1984
Les reporters d'A2, la télévision Française, suivent un chauffeur des transports Friderici qui au volant de son Kenworth K100 effectue une livraison jusqu'en Arabie Saoudite. Seul les 15 première minutes du film réalisé par Jean-Yves Montagu sont visibles.

108 - KM0 Iochum transport 1994 Language : Français Duration: 52min Rating 8/10

108 - KM0 Iochum transport 1994
En 1994, ils n'étaient plus que quelques uns a faire le ligne, très bon reportage qui nous emmènes a bord du Scania 142 des transports Iochum jusque dans le sud de la Turquie

With Iochum Transports go from France to South Turkey, nice to see the road in 1994

Download short video here !!! Extrait vidéo ici !!!

107 - Mamoeth in Arabia ~1976 Language : No Duration: 12min Rating 5/10


107 - Mamoeth in Arabia ~1976
The world famous oversize transports company, based in Holland begin his activity in 1971, this film show there trucks moving urge petrol rafinery equipement in the Saudi Desert back in 1976.

You can see FTF trucks in action as well some Mack too

NB: this is a homemade documentary, the quality of the images are low

106 - Truckers Davies Turner 1992 Language : English Duration: 52min Rating 8/10

106 - Truckers Davies Turner 1992
Few trucks start from UK for a long trip down to Turkey, there is Davies Turner truck (DAF) but also other driver UK company (Scania 142 - Volvo F12 Globetrotter) featured in this very interessant documentary!

105 - Flying Dutch ~1977 Language : Dutch Duration: 120min Rating 7/10

105 - Flying Dutch ~1977
3 great drivermade documentary!

WIBBELLINK BV Going to Teheran - Iran Hermann Ludwig going to Irak - CENTRUM BV Going to Iran

102 - Konvoi nach Arabia 1976 Language : German Duration: 40min Rating 9/10

102 - Konvoi nach Arabia 1976
Switzerland to South Iran and South Saudi-Arabia with Schmid Transport

Made by the drivers

1- Konvoi nach Iran
2- Konvoi nech Saudi Arabien

100 - Steijns transport goes to Central Asia 2002 Language : Dutch Duration: 120min Rating 9/10

100 - Steijns transport goes to Central Asia 2002
This doc as been made by jan Steijns during a very long lourney from Holland to Russia, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Turkey and back to Europe. Kenworth K100 Aerodyne and DAF trucks where used for this run. There is very few commentaries, must of the time you can ear the music from the autoradio of the Ken.

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