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of the highway

( Adetailed account of
 60 years in transport)

Frans Rynart
Texte in English

ISBN 90-808683-1-0

130 pages
full colors
Soft cover
Writed by Frans the soon of Anton Rynart
A lots of details and anecdotes of a great trucker life.
The inside story of the Karachi Express (Rota Karachi) and many more.

A real pleasure to read. It's rare to have a book which give a so good image of the real truck driver life.

You can order this book for only 15.- euros + shipping!

Bandar Abbas Express
Norway to South Iran

Johan Evensen
Texte in norvegian

ISBN 82-994249-0-9

full colors
Hard cover
The best pictures book about Middle-East Run in luxury livery!

Meilleur recueil photos sur "la  ligne"
A must for collectors!


Macchina e Rimorchio
Storie di uomi e camion

!!! Text in Italian + French + English!!!

Beppe Salussoglia Pasquale Caccavale
ISBN 88-8058-558-4

full colors
Hard cover
Great book, lots of high quality photos about Middle-East Run

Libbro molto bello con tante foto sui TIR del medio-oriente


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20 Euros + s/h

English book with stories about the Middle-East Run during the 70's to the 80's
Danger-Heavy Goods
Driving the toughest, most dangerous roads in the world

Robert Hutchison
ISBN 0-688-06756-5
280pages BW photos
Hard cover
Excellent book about Middle-East run during the late trip 1985
with Whittle Trucks
Poor in photos quality

Same book as the Juggernaut (see bellow)

No second hands available yet

Trucking to Saudi Arabia

Robert Hutchison
ISBN 0-434-35750-2

Hard cover

Same book as the Danger Heavy Goods

No second hands available yet

Cola Cowboys
14'000 miles on the world toughest route

Franklin Wood
WH Allen London
ISBN 0-491-02757-5

Hard cover

Reference book about Middle-East run Lots of info about the first trip period with Astran Trucks
Poor in photos quality

No second hands available yet

Livres en français sur les transports Europe-Asia dans les années 70 à 80
Les Routiers de l'impossible
Afrique - Arabie - Iran
J.Y. Montagu, ed. PAC
ISBN 2-85336-027
Soft cover
Le meilleure livre en français sur les routiers!
Très bien écrit
Quelques belles photos
Nice photos inside

No second hands available yet

Milles et une nuits avec mes routiers sympa
Max Meynier
ed. Table ronde
Soft cover

L'aventure de Max Meynier avec les routiers sont sympa.
Excellent pour ce raviver les bons souvenirs

1 exemplaire dispo, usagé
16 euros inclus envois prioritaire

Chien perdu en Arabie
L'histoire vraie d'un "lignard" et de son chien
G. Martineau
ed. Cadrat

Soft cover

André perd son chien à Doha au Qatar, il le retrouve 2 mois plus tard chez lui en France! Histoire vraie!

No second hands available yet

Un camion dans la tête
USA - Inde -
Ukraine - Moyen-Orient

Carole Pither
ISBN 2-228-8967-2
Couverture souple

Carole nous fait partager, avec passion, la vie des forças de la route. Aventure assurée notamment avec les derniers lignards du moyen-orient.

Disponible chez Payot!

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