Bruno Wicki - Asphalt Cowboys

Bruno Wicki war von 1975-1984 als Fernfahrer ,,of de Stross in Orient'' mit eigenem Sattelschlepper Volvo F88 unterwegs.

Danach folgten noch 30 Jahre quer durch Europa. Sein Hobby ist die Country Musik. Seit über 20 Jahren ist er solo oder mit seiner Band ,,The Country Brothers'' an Wochenenden on tour. Die CD ,,Lonely Asphalt Cowboys'' beinhaltet 16 eigene Lieder, wie der Titelsong ,,of de Stross in Orient''.

Im Doppelpack sind auch 12 Interpretationen von American Country Songs aufgenommen.

Die CD ,,Lonely Asphalt Cowboys'' kostet 25.-Fr inkl. Versand Bestellen auf E-Mail:


On January 1975 Bruno Wicki drove for the first time to Teheran. Then, 7 years later he wrote the song "OF DE STROSS IN ORIENT".
An terrible experience was the lost of his brother Roland, truckdriver too, on a road accident in Saudi Arabia. During this crash 12 other peoples lost there life. The last trip the Middle-East was in 1984 with his own Volvo F88 truck n`trailer.

Today he`s driving a dump truck, he has an happy father with two boys, 6 and 8 years old.

He is a singer / songwriter, plays guitar, harp and he is the band leader of ''THE COUNTRY BROTHERS''.

On the CD "Asphalt Cowboys", are recorded 18 originals songs created by Bruno and played with his bands or friends. The CD start with the hit song "OF DE STROSS IN ORIENT". This song is about the the Middle-East Run drivers experiences.

You can ordered the CD "ASPHALT COWBOYS" directly from Bruno for 25.- Euro including shipping (20.-CHF Inside Switzerland).

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