Heavy Haulage by Dennis Child

When Dennis send pictures to Toprun its always a great moment of emotion!

Only in South Africa you will see so heavy Haulage runing for so long distances! Thank You Dennis for this great contribution.


Some info about the new Tractomas by Nicolas

In 2005 Rotran from South Africa order 6 prime mover from Tractomas in France.

Here are the technical specificationsprovided by Dennis:

The vehicle dimensions are:
12,6m (l) x 4,515m (h) and 3,47m (w)
Dead weight 71t (71,000kg) with the accommodation 75,000kg.
Power plant CAT 3412 E DITTA 671kW/900hp, V12, 27,3litre engine
Transmission/retarder/torque converter 'powershift' from the Dana Spicer stable. 8 forward and 4 reverse gears.
Axles are from Kessler in Germany.
Design rating Europe is 600t including load and trailer. In SA we are rating the unit at 250t.
Will be used in a push pull application coupled to a large hydraulic beam trailer Cometto 2 x 14 axles rated cpacity 450t, dead weight 260t and 80m in length. Mid February '06 planned to move three (3) transformers 400t over 500km from sea level to 1600m above.
Combinarion length 145m with a Gross Combination Mass of 960t.
Fuel consumption is limited to 200km for 8,000litres. Route will consume around 64,000litres to return back to the harbour.
Max speed unladen 40km/hr due to axle ratio of 14:1. Ladened will achieve approx 15km/h. 

The other truck that you can see on the gallery are:

Pacific P12W3
MAN 40.502 x 2 (502hp) 6x6's
MAN 40.502 x 2 (502hp) 8x6's
Mercedes 3850

 Tractomas Nicolas
Enough bla bla here are the pictures !!! Enjoy! .-)



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