Volvo F89

Trans UK You call We Haul

Trans UK, started in 1972. The fleet number was 45 at is peak. The Company went out of business in 1981

The fleet was made with many different trucks: Volvo, Fiat, Magirus, ERF, MAN, Scammel, ... Its real pleasure to see all those old trucks in pictures.

Trans UK was mainly operating international transports, continental of course but also Middle-East runs, down to Iran, Irak, Saudi and as far as Pakistan!

Thank you very much Keith to have submitted all those wunderfull pictures, dont miss to send a feedback to Keith trough is toprun address.


Trans UK 1
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TRANS UK - Part 2 - The IRAN Route !
Trans UK Part 2 - Iran Route

 Trans UK the Drivers
Trans UK Part 3 - the Drivers

Arabia Route
Trans UK part 4 - The Arabia Route

The Pakistaan Route
Trans UK Part 5 - Pakistan Route


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