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The Beast By Elizabeth Truck Center

Andrew Feltenstein from ETC (Elizabeth Truck Center) tell us all about "The Beast"

Andrew, who is behind "The Beast"?
The beast was fabricated from the ground up by a team of 11.  We never had all 11 people working at the same time, but different people had different roles in the project.  All fabrication was done under one roof in our Staten Island facility.  We planned the truck out very well to be complete by the deadline and we accomplished all of our goals.   There are a few items that we are going to add.  For instance, all the doors open and close by remote control actuators.  We plan to do the same for the hood, only it is more complicated because of the weight and alignment issues.  We've polished and chromed a few extra fittings on the engine.  We upgraded the alternator and installed a supplementary power system to keep the batteries charged for the extended use the Audio and Video systems gets at shows.  We will most likely be upgrading the subwoofer system. 

People thing this rig can not run!?
The Beast is 95% road legal and would require very few modifications to meet DOT specifications.   Right now the truck is strictly for show, but at any time it could connect to a trailer and pull any load it had to.

Tell us about ETC!
Elizabeth Truck Center, ETC, along with it's sister company Car Craft Truck Works has grown from a 5,000 square foot facility in the Red hook section of Brooklyn, in 1978 to the sprawling three location, state of the art operation that exists today, employing over 100 people.  With locations in Staten Island and Elizabeth, New Jersey, they are centrally located and easily accessible from all points in the North East.  Priding themselves on the highest standards of Integrity, Service and Quality, founder Bert Pesce and his sons, Anthony and Steven, who each operate their own full service locations; have raised the bar on the commercial collision repair industry.


What make ETC so well known?
ETC is now a third generation family business that is making a name for themselves as leaders in the custom truck industry.  Every facet of repair and customization is done in house by an impressive crew of frame specialists, welders, mechanics, fabricators and finishers.  The Elizabeth NJ operation has recently completed the addition of another facility that gives them the largest capacity for and service in the industry.  This new facility is now the home of a specialized tow-industry facility offering a dedicated parts department, sales department offering a wide range of tow apparatus and state of the art warranty, repair and customization facilities.


Who are your customers?
ETC caters to Owner Operators, Fleets (small and large), corporations and truck enthusiasts.  In addition to turning out hot custom rigs, ETC is also home to their Custom Chrome Shop, which offers a tremendous selection of chrome accessories and trim, LED lights, exhaust systems, custom fabricated parts and all the affects you could ever want to fully pimp out your ride.


What you do to expend your business?
ETC has a mobile chrome shop trailer that frequents truck shows along the east coast.  Their impressive trailer boasts the largest selection of lights and accessories ever seen and always draws in the crowds.


Is the web a good tool for your activities?
The company has two very impressive websites that are a must to check out. and  The latter offers online shopping of many great products and as on of their latest projects is growing rapidly.


The future?
ETC plans to continue to set the bar in the industry in Big Rig Truck Customization and expand their existing chrome business and online store.  Other expansions and additions are planned for the web site in the near future, including our own online forum.

Thank you very much Andrew for all this details! We hope to see "The Beast2 on the European Truck Show in near future!



The Beast Technical sheet

Truck: Peterbilt 379 from 1999
Built time: 16 weeks
Paint: 27 coats / 69 litters of paint
Audio: >7000 Watts
Interior: 36 meters of suede
Chromes: 150m2 chromed surface



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